• You only need some basic knowledge from HTML and CSS.
  • DBFree uses the powerful xBase language a server-side scripting language. xBase is easy to learn.
  • DBFree has a small built-in server so you can use your own computer or any old computer as a server for your application.
  • DBFree uses DBF databases, which are easy to create and use.
  • DBFree is small in size (15Mb).
  • Only need a static website? DBFree translates the code in HTML so you can put it on any server you want.
  • DBFree uses the famous bootstrap CSS, but you can also use any extra CSS you want.
  • DBFree saves you lots of time with the front-end of the website. It helps you to build responsive menu structures and your website will have a professional look. For the back-end you can also use PHP and SQL when you don't want to use Maxscript.
  • DBFree is great for writing software for small business, because you can run in on a small server for you own network. Everbody can activate the software through their browser. No need to install it on every computer or complicated install-procedures.
DBFree Website

You're a one-man-band

Do you want to be in control of your application from beginning to end? Then DBFree is really something for you! This is one feature I always liked about DBFree: you don't have to rely on an external hosting-provider and your server is only dedicated to one task: running your application and nothing else.


Why not use PHP and SQL is the main question right know i think... Well, the answer is: time! If you're gonna write an application you will have to know what you are doing and PHP and SQL aren't fast to learn. But with DBFree you can have a safe application in a matter of weeks.

By the way: I also develop websites with PHP, SQL and Javascript/jQuery, so I know what I'm talking about ;).